Friday, April 9, 2010

And The Winner Is..


Congratulations to Rachel of Rachel Goldilocks who was drawn as the winner of Mystery Flights March Giveaway. I am very excited to have been introduced to Rachel's slice of the world wide web via this giveaway. Rachel has been on some amazing thrifting adventures of late, and her blog is a true feast for the eyes. Her website has too been an exciting discovery, illustrating the life and work of a true vintage lover and great, creative mind.

Rachel, your prize package is on it's way. I hope you love it!

I'd like to say a big, fat thank you to everyone who entered March's vintage dress and necklace giveaway and give welcome to Mystery Flight's new blog followers. There will be a new giveaway, at the end of April, so please keep you eye's peeled for a second chance to win a fabulous package of vintage treasures!


  1. Hey, thanks for writing to me! That apple broach cost me like 50c in an op shop at cooroy! I'm really enjoying both your blogs - uhh and very jealous you saw justin townes earle this time round... my boyfriend and I adore him, we've seen him last year and were meant to be seeing him in bris this week but i was sick and we couldn't go. And we missed him at bluesfest because we only had a 1 day ticket, but we saw Avett Brothers who were our other favourites for the festival and they were awesome!! Oh and I love Ryan McGinley photography too. That's as far as I've gotten with your blog! Anyways, so cool to find another blogger in Australia for a change.. seems like there's so many cool chicks over in the states! I'm dying to get to Melb so I'm very jealous. Have a great weekend, Gem

  2. can't believe I missed all the lovelies!!! your shop is adorable & filled with some glorious finds :)

    Sorry about dissing Australia on my post the other day. I know its probably as magical :) ha ha! no hard feelings, i hope. Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm anxiously awaiting the next giveaway!

  3. love this image. a ute and balloons - what more could you want?!

  4. ooh another melbourne blog :)
    just found you and love this!

  5. amzing picture with all the ballons! xx

  6. I love this picture, I cannot get enough of balloons!

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